Archive, 2003

Attended a Christmas gathering at the castle last night. Saw many known faces, a few new ones, all friendly. Many were dressed up, a collage of red, white, and green all throughout the main hall. Torches burned along the walls, and there was food, music, and much conversation. I arrived dressed in my usual grey tones, short blade belted at my left hip, as I did not plan on staying long, but wished to join in the merriment for a time. As usual, plans went awry, and I visited long into the night.

I did take care of one order of business, at least. Three years ago, I fought a battle in a space where Jen's and my dreams collide. My longsword fell in that place and was left there, then forgotten before I could take time to retrieve it. The memory returned last night, and so a friend and I journeyed there, successfully recovering the sword. The land there is as muddy as I remembered it, and it is dark always. I shall not return there unless I have to.

I visited the castle last night, and I remembered it. Those who know me in these things know I hardly ever remember my travels, until I am reminded by someone else here, and then it usually comes back to me. I walked along the lines of troops in training, hundreds of them. They are almost ready to begin their service here with us. Next week is their graduation, and I am very proud of each and every one of them. It's a difficult thing, sometimes, grasping the reality of our situation and what we do here, but they have done a marvelous job of adapting, both to the environment and to the style and methods of combat we train them in. They should be commended on a job well done. I am pleased to be able to train them, to give them the opportunity to learn before being dumped into a combat situation and forcing them to fend for themselves and their friends, before they understand what is going on. Some of us were not so lucky in this, but we turned out fine, too; was just a much shorter, much more rigorous "training session" :)

We do have some new recruits in as of last night, too. Just a small group that I saw, five or so. More may come, more may not. Will see what the coming nights bring.

Been thinking more and more about us in the realms as of late. As usual, I would imagine this means something is starting up again, whether it be an incoming attack, or something changing within the realms themselves. Was thinking about two special people today, whom I need to start training very soon. Need to contact Heather soon, talk to her about this. As always, she will be my confirmation in this world, but SC has already confirmed, and his feelings are the same as mine: we're in for some sort of change, whether it be bad or good. Need to get myself in order, so I can get my defenses in order. Most are already prepared and in place, ready to be set in motion. We have done this before, and we can weather any storm that is sent at us, though it would certainly be good to know what kind of thing we are in for...

Something is stirring, that much Heather and I agree on. What it is, and what will happen when it shows itself remains to be seen. We expect something of some importance will happen in the next few weeks, on or around the time when some of us are gathered together physically in this world.

As if one new regiment wasn't enough, now I have another group of new troops that need training. At least I cannot claim boredom, though I do wonder how many of these will make it through the training process. They certainly have dedication, or so they show whilst we train, but behind some eyes I see doubt, and that kills in the realms. We will see. They are still very new to all this, and I can still remember even my doubts when first exposed to this work that we do.