A continuation of my last update:
On the following day, we broke the enemy lines and they fled. We gave pursuit for a short distance, slaying the slowest, but some did get away. We shored up the defenses at our current position, then took wing, bound for Ravenblack's town. We touched down outside of town the next day, and were in the air again that evening, with Kerowynn's forces, bound for the next battlefield.

We met a large enemy force in battle early the next day. Our force was large, theirs was larger, but we were victorious in the end. I had hoped to include much more detail in this update, but, as usual, I waited too long to update, so I have forgotten some of the important details... The most important is that we won the fight, and with no losses, at that. There were quite a few injuries, from the minor (most) to the severe (thankfully few).

After routing the enemy forces at the second field, we returned to Kerowynn's base of operations for a bit of rest, then returned to the castle, where we have been since. The council was somewhat displeased with me initially, but after some explaining, especially about the large number of new allies we found (or found us), there was more understanding had, and no "punishment" to speak of. The next time we meet with Kerowynn's forces, I hope to bring some of our more political allies with me, to form the alliances that need forming, and open up the related intelligence channels.

On Friday, the enemy attacked. They raised gates at our borders, and summoned forth massive creatures of war, all black shells and massive pinchers, like hellish lobsters. The biggest of these creatures were too large to fit through the gates, and they had to withdraw. While the claws came forth to attack, the ranks of the enemy stood silent, beyond our range, and watched. They wore heavy black steel armor, and carried long spears, but they did not attack. Once the black-shelled monstrosities had done their work; either tearing into us and being eventually brought down, or backing off, into the gates, the summon gates disappeared, and the enemy withdrew, leaving us wondering.

We did not have to wonder for long. We received word that while the enemy launched their diversion against us (which we fell for, sadly), they struck fast and hard at one of our allies, pushing hard, forcing not only defense, but offense as well to push back the tide. Once we received confirmation of this, and confirmed our own borders were intact, I called my wing and several others together and moved quickly to aid our allies. That is where we have been for the past 2 days, fighting to break the enemy lines so we can move on to other important tasks. We hit the enemy from behind the first day, hoping to crush one of their groups betwen us and the defense, but we were only partially successful. Their numbers were greater than anticipated, and we were forced to push our way through to join the defensive line, rather than remaining separated from them. While we were on approach, we rescued some of the defenders, who had snuck through in an attempt to take out an enemy commander, and had become stranded, unable to get back to the line. We made it through and helped shore up the defenses, with few losses.

We finally made some headway today. We were able to break through the enemy lines in one place, separate their attacking force, and then widen the gap a bit. This was risky for those defenders in the gap, but we were lucky this time, and we were able to defeat many enemies in the smaller section before we withdrew and reformed our line, becoming a tide to push back the remaining attackers. We were able to push them back, and we also reached out and closed some small gates they had created to bring reinforcments. We hope to clean this mess up soon...there are other fronts that need help, and a breach that needs to be closed asap. No doubt about it: this is a massive assault, and I have been advised it may get worse before it gets better. We have been preparing for this. We will prevail.

It has been many months without much news, many months since the enemy went to ground and did not resurface. During this time, we have not been idle. We have been stocking supplies, training always, and preparing for the time when we must face foes again. That time is now near. I have been advised that we should prepare for war, and so we are. Dragons and riders alike are gearing up, the fires are burning higher, and the healers are preparing their kits, ready to go back to work, whenever and wherever they are needed.

There has been activity at our borders, and we are sending scouts to investigate. Trick is leading one of the wings; I must stay behind for now, for discussion and planning of our next moves. More updates when I have them.

Events are cycling up again in the Realms, as we prepare for further conflict. The word on the wind is that it is coming soon, though I cannot get a feel for an exact timeframe. After speaking with a close friend, I have been starting to search again, for others to help us. I will be revisiting some earlier recruits, and working to help them remember who they are. Each one gained is a great asset for our cause. I will post further news when I have it.

It has been very quiet for us during the past couple of months. I am aware of events going on in other parts of the Realms, but our portion and those we patrol have been very empty and quiet lately. We have started sending patrols a little further out, beyond our usual borders. It is important that we learn as much as we can while we have time, before events escalate and our enemies resurface to face us.

We had another meeting the night of 4/13. It was short, and I expect we will meet again later this week. Since then, the castle halls have been fairly empty. Most are away, on errands or other duties. Those who remain in the castle are keeping to themselves. There seems to be a lot of self-thought and quiet contemplation. It is a bit of a relief; a change from the usual noisy halls and yards. It is also a bit disquieting, however; there is usually something going on...but there has just been nothing this week; at least, nothing that has been shared with me. That is OK; I've had my own contemplations to occupy me, and my companions are taking this time to do some things for themselves, as well.

No battle last night. The enemy has pulled back, whether due to their extreme losses or for another reason, we do not know. We spent part of the evening in discussion about the conflict this week, and the rest of the evening resting, as we are all tired. The discussions will probably continue tonight. I suspect we'll be pushing back on the enemy before more forces can be mustered. More updates when I have them.

Battle has come to us again, as it always does. Every day and every night this week, there has been a skirmish or conflict of some kind. Many of those we face now are our own kind, backed by outsiders, but nothing too unusual -- most of the outsiders appears as orcs, goblins, or similar; no hulking demons or creatures beyond description (yet). The conflict has been brutal and harsh; magic has been used, but most of the fighting is purely physical, and tiring. Many on their side have fallen, but we have suffered our losses, as well. They are trying to take what is not theirs, trying to force innocents to serve them or become involved in a coflict they cannot survive. We work to prevent either scenario from becoming reality for these people, but many have suffered and died; all we can do is protect and try to save those who remain.

A couple of weeks ago, we held a training session. Myself and the Man in Black were the center focus; we sparred and fought, and taught others while we did. Mostly, it was a session in what NOT to do. Do not underestimate your enemy. Do not get cocky. Do not let down your guard unless you are 100% positive that no retaliation is possible; not 95%, not 98 or even 99%; you must be 100% positive, or it could mean extreme injury or even death for you.

We are always serious in our training, but sometimes we allow banter and some laughter as the learning commences, for on the battlefield, there will be none. This time, there was none. We were grim and harsh. Those that cracked wise got pulled to the center, to show what they knew. Often they left the ring bloody, and never smiling. It was a brutal lesson, but one we felt necessary. Neither I nor my opponent often leave the ring with bruises ourselves, but after this day, we were both limping and bloody. There was a savagery in our actions that is usually not seen on the training ground. I believe that from that day onward, it is going to be more the norm. It has become the way of things. There are places for smiles and laughter, but at my training ground, there will not be. I no longer train the green ones; those who come to me think they are near ready for battle. Let them show it, when there is no chance of death, and less chance of extreme pain. When on the field, the enemy will give no ground and show no quarter.

One week past, we met our foes in battle. Black armored, they marched toward our location, and we struck before they could advance into our territory proper. Our Fire Team struck first, 5 dragons and riders, laying down streams of fire, causing blazes in their wake. The black-armored foes did not scream or yell as the flames overtook them; they simply stood and burned. However, after a short time in the flames, the armor cracked and split, revealing creatures composed of ropes of muscle, with gaping mouths and teeth like razors. These creatures did scream; horrible, piercing screams, as they writhed and burned.

At this time, order was re-established in the enemy ranks, and they retaliated. There was a rumble in the ground, and long, scaled, reaching tentacles burst from the soil. Some of these were 70 or 80 feet long, and they moved with surprising speed. At their first outbreak, one reached high enough to knock one of the dragons from the sky. At this time, I gave the order, and we arrived as reinforcements, dragons in the air, most of us on the ground. There were no green troops with us; I wanted only seasoned warriors for this assignment. We bit into their ranks, and thereafter the fight was short, yet it was also very brutal. The black armor was tough to crack, and thereafter we had to deal with the creatures inside, less resilient without their armor, but also more dextrous. We knew already that fire worked well against them, so we used it to great effect, along with swords and axes, to bring them down.

More of our side fell than any of us would have liked, but we were victorious.

Since that time, there have been several meetings of the council (and subsections of the council), discussing the battle, the outcome, and the tactics. I attended the first small one, and slept through most of the second, larger one. Thankfully, people understood, and I was allowed to stay, mostly incoherent as I was. I picked up a few things through my daze.

Our fight is far from over.

After another long break, our squads are back in action. Most of us became active again last Thursday, 9/14; I felt the first real "jolt" on Friday, 9/15. Dragons and wingmates are in the air; on the ground, preparations are being made for offense and defense. The cook fires are blazing, weapons edges are being touched up, armor fitted, as we prepare for conflict. An enemy is on the move. Scouts report they have been marching for three days. We will move to meet them soon.

Things are gearing up again. We've had several months of downtime, but the feeling of impending events has been building over the past week or so. I'm sure there will be more to report in the near future.

The gate was completed 2 nights ago, and is fully functional. Work has begun on a watching station, because we now need to hold this area against those who would break the gate, until it has evolved to the point where we need not worry about it.

We fought and struggled and pushed, forcing our foes back step by step, beyond the "hole" that we discovered. It's big; hundreds of yards in diameter, and probably a hundred yards deep, if not more. In its depths is a mass of earth and stone, slowly revolving, grinding. I am unsure of its purpose, except as a source by which more of our foes may come through. Because of its nature, it cannot be filled in or blocked completely, nor can it be destroyed. We have instead been working to construct a one-way gate over it, so anything coming through will either have to remain in the hole or go through the gate, placing them at the exit point, with no direct route back. This is still a work in progress, but so far, it has gone fairly well. We set up our defenses before we started, and so far there have been a few attacks, but nothing to totally disrupt the work being done.

I will remain there as long as I have to, to ensure the gate is completed.

Last night's continued battle was less agonizing than the previous night. I sustained no grievous chest wounds, nor splintered shoulders. My shoulder muscles were sore today, but because of use, not overuse or injuries.

Our foes were of the same variety as previously described, though there are less of the completely armored ones now... most of those we are currently facing have unarmored portions, or are vulnerable to specific attack forms, be it physical or magical. The unfortunate part is that they still outnumber us by a large margin. They have methods of reinforcement, whereas we have few. Most of our planar allies are still being blocked from entering the field of battle, and this includes most of our heavy flyers, which, frankly, sucks.

Heather and I discussed some theories as to why this might be, and believe it is related to why we were not informed of or aware of the battle until a relatively long time after it commenced (relative to the immediate knowledge we usually have). I stated yesterday the field of battle was previously unknown to us; I believe this is because it is natural, not created, as much of the Realms are, from those things written or portrayed here. There is also a great feeling of importance about the current battle, as if a lot more rests on its outcome than on previous conflicts. We always fight to win, but in this case, it feels imperative that we win, not just merely important.

There has been a major battle going on for quite some time...several weeks at least. Those of us here on this plane - even those who are usually very aware of these happenings - were unaware of this battle until just a few nights ago. Two nights ago, myself, the other commanders, and all of our forces took the field. Our foes are tougher than any we've ever faced, brutally so, and the battlefield is one that most of us did not recognize. The ground is gritty, and grayer than what we usually see. There are strange rock formations scattered over the field, with edges like razors. An unarmored man brushing his hand over one will find his flesh cut through to the bone.

Last night, I fought one of the toughest foes I've ever faced in all my years in these battles. Thickly armored in red, chitinous natural armor, like a giant lobster, he towered over me, standing about ten feet tall. I was coming into battle with him just as I drifted off to sleep here on this plane. This was fortunate, as it allowed me to bring all my strength and wits to bear, and I needed all of them. Where created armor would have weak points at the joints and under the arms, the armor of this brute had none. I rained blows on his joints and chest plate with the same effect - hardly a scratch made on any surface. The few blows he landed on me with his spiked iron cudgel nearly crippled me (my shoulder wound I carried back with me on waking, and it still hurts now, about 22 hours after the blow fell). Eventually, through sheer persistence, I felled my foe, but the battle left me nearly exhausted.

When I came in, myself, Trick, and 8 members of our squad had been cut off from the main force. While I took on the brute, Trick and the others defended our flanks from the smaller, more nimble creatures that swarmed from the sides. They, too, were naturally armored, but not enough to stand up to a well-placed sword strike or hammer blow. Trick did help me against the larger creature by manner of distraction, as he, neither, could seemingly damage the creature, but our combined effort must have weakened it somehow, for eventually I split his chest plate, and his inner fluids flowed onto the field, and he toppled.

Soon thereafter, our squad, and others similarly small but consisting of well-trained soldiers, rejoined the main force, and we were able to push forward a little ways. At this time, Shadowchaser picked me up, and we continued our battle in the skies.

I expect there will be more to report tomorrow. This fight is far from over.